Monday, 4 October 2010

Range Rover Velar to Berlin!

The pre-production Range Rover Velar NXC245H we renovated earlier this summer has recently returned from Germany where it participated in the Hamburg-Berlin Klassik rally. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover, Land Rover Germany entered a three-car team of Range Rovers in the event...appropriately enough, in red, white and blue colours!

The rally followed a meandering route across northern Germany from Hamburg to Wolfsburg, where a tremendous evening of entertainment was laid on by VW Audi at the Autostadt complex, and then on to Berlin.

Team Range Rover managed to come fourth in the team awards and NXC245H finished in 36th place out of a total of 180 entrants.

To quote our client's own words "...I was delighted with the work on the car...the tailgate is a masterpiece!"

Picture of the car in Berlin (copyright Craig Pusey) shown below:

VELARS in Berlin (Picture Craig Pusey)

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