Thursday, 26 September 2013

The BMW 319 Special...Otherwise known as the BMW 319/28

Below are pictures of a BMW 319 Special we have just repainted. The client has given it the - unofficial -  model designation of BMW 319/28.

Pictures are below.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT on Harry's Lap Timer

The Mitchell Motors Alfa continues to do well.

Enjoy the video.

Fiat Strada 130 TC on the road after full restoration.

 Fiat Strada 130TC restoration complete.

Fiat Strada 130TC after full restoration

This 130TC had the usual rust problems but Mitchell Motors corrected 

Rare Fiat parts were sourced to bring the car back to original

Engine bay detailing took time but the results speak for themselves

The underneath was prepared with as much attention to detail as the more visible areas
The Fiat Strada 130 TC is getting rare along with many other once common place hot hatchbacks such as Volkswagen Golf GTi, Ford Escort XR3 and XR3i. Mitchell Motors have the skills and experience to handle everything on your modern classic from a discrete improvement to a full restoration such as on the Strada.

Please contact Andrew Mitchell on 01747 820223 to progress your project.