Friday, 9 December 2011

Monday, 28 November 2011

What a 700 mile from new classic Range Rover looks like

Only minor work to this car, but frankly knowing when to stop is part of the skill in retaining the originality in cars such as this. Where would you find another?

Photographs by the talented Craig Pusey. Details below.

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Spencer Lane-Jones and Mitchell Motors

Having dealt with the superb firm that is Spencer Lane-Jones for a number of years, we thought it was timely to give them a recommendation.

Bristol 405 Drop Head Coupé

Their website (soon to be updated) is here - - and they are experts in the field of Bristol car restoration and maintenance.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Andy Mitchell beating the AC drum at Spa Francorchamps

Andy Mitchell and Mark Morgan racing Mark Morgan's AC Ace at the Spa 6 hour meeting.

As Michael Schumacher says "It is without doubt the best circuit in the world"

It is lonely out there!

Ferrari 360 Spider repainted to sort out stone chips and scratches

Entrusted to us for a repaint in one of our state of the art ovens.

Ferrari 360 Spider in our paint oven

The finished Ferrari 360 Spider. Truly superb.

Bristol 402 complete restoration

These superb classic design came to us for a full body off restoration.

Car came from America in a derelict state. The inner wings had been used for target practice and we had to repair the bullet holes!

Bristol 402

Bristol 402 - Rear view

Bristol 402 Convertible full restoration and AC 289 Cobra repainted

Totally superb cars

AC Cobra and Bristol 402

Rare BMW 319 Sport from 1937 comes to us for full body, chassis and mechanical restoration

Having extensive experience of this type of vehicle, being 319 and 328 BMW, and additionally Bristol engines being derived from the BMW design, it is brilliant to have another in for restoration.

BMW 319 Sport

A separate blog will detail this car as it progresses. Further details to follow shortly.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bristol supercharger conversion

Another Bristol engine supercharged. If you want this kind of work undertaken please contact us via our website.

Another classic Range Rover is in for refurbishment

Getting rare - Early Range Rover

An Aston Martin, Fiat Strada and some Bristols in our workshop

Aston Martin refurb, Fiat Strada restoration, AC in for some racing "incident" paintwork, Bristol to add a supercharger and the Mitchell Special in for some general maintenance. All in all an exciting time.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Connaught L3-SR - Extensive aluminium repair work.

Rare one this, being a Connaught L3-SR. Further details on the car are here

Entrusted to us for extensive aluminium body repair and restoration. Further information to follow as the project progresses.

Connaught L3-SR

Dodge Viper in for some minor remedial work

An example of a regular client bringing his car back to us for very minor, but nonetheless essential, paintwork detailing to keeping his car "together". Work we really enjoy carrying out.

Dodge Viper

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ferrari Superfast 500 being enjoyed by its owner

Really pleased to see a car we restored being enjoyed. 
The proud owner sent us the picture above.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

THE Fiat Strada advert - Handbuilt by robots.

Compulsory viewing for us now we are restoring a Fiat Strada 130TC. We just can't figure out how the robots missed so much rustproofing!

Fiat Strada 130 TC full body restoration

A personal favourite. Is rusty in unusual places and not in the expected!

A testament to our skill, is the careful way we have gone about "blasting" the rust of the car. The process took much longer than normal, but the lack of rippled panels that most people would have created is very satisfying.

Great to see a "hot hatch" from the '80's being restored to its former glory.

Fiat 600 full body restoration

Who could not love this cute little car? Along with the Fiat Strada 130TC we are currently restoring, it has surprisingly rusted everywhere except the places you would expect. Perfect battery tray for example.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bugatti Brescia paint refurbishment

A delighted client sent us in some pictures of his Bugatti Brescia that we had just repainted. Apparently he collected it from us and went on a road trip around France more or less straight away. 
Andy Mitchell next to the finished car
Some quotes and pictures below given to us by our satisfied client:  
"Have a picnic of rillettes as you head south"
"Soaking up the miles and the sunshine."
"Be sure to end up at the Domaine des Hauts de Loire in Onzain where there are 2 Michelin stars to enjoy in luxury."

Andy Mitchell our owner goes racing......and does not come last!

.....he came second to last after a valiant race up through the field to second place that was bought to a halt through a mechanical failure. 
Vows to get his team to prepare car in future!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Chain gang Frazer Nash part way through restoration

Whilst refurbishing the chassis, the owner has taken the opportunity to have the chain gear rebuilt and the engine sorted out by ourselves.

Derby Bentley Drophead - Ash frame work looking good!

Total restoration of the mechanics and bodywork is required for this complex vehicle.

Derby Bentley Drophead

Bristol 402 convertible complete restoration. Last nut and bolt! Body off!

This very rare Bristol was entrusted to Mitchell Motors, as we have the necessary expertise and knowledge gained from working for decades on Bristol cars.

Vehicle is nearing the end of  a complete body off restoration.
Bristol 402 Convertible

Ferrari 500 Superfast featured in a Ferrari magazine.

Ferrari (Surrey) owners club magazine from November 2010 reprinted with the club's permission below.
Very proud to be associated with the restoration to original specification of this important vehicle.

The Mitchell Spider comes and mysteriously.......goes

The mysterious Mitchell Spider leaves its ghostly mark
It arrived....and went as if by magic......

Bristol 412 prototype full body off restoartion

This unique Bristol 412 is nearing the end of a full restoration.

Among the many challenges of the project was ensuring that the features only appearing on this car were retained. The large flattish panels needed our expertise to ensure they were ripple free.

Another job we delighted to do!
Bristol being painted

Rear of Bristol being painted

AC Ace 2.6. Complete new body and repaint.

Entrusted to us by another restorer to paint. Car will soon be resplendent in its orignal dark blue colour scheme.


AC Greyhound full body off restoration

AC Greyhound full body off restoration in collaboration with Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd of Warminster in Wiltshire.

AC Greyhound