Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Engine bay refurbishment of a pre-production VELAR Range Rover

Having already restored a collectable Land-Rover Range Rover CSK, we were delighted when we were asked to undertake an engine bay refurbishment of one of the twenty pilot-build Range Rover Velar 100 inch station wagons Land-Rover created prior to full production starting.

Why are they known as VELAR? Two opinions have been put forward. One version states because Mike Dunn, an engineer at Alvis wanted to create a decoy name for pre-production Range Rovers and out of the letters in ALVIS and ROVER created the pseudonym VELAR. The alternative is that the name is an amalgam of  V Eight LAnd Rover.

The car we re-invigorated was NXC 245H being chassis number 40.

As always with jobs such as this experience, sympathy with original production methods, attention to detail and good paint practice amongst many other issues all add together to create a job well done.

Engine bay detailed and with a few miles under the VELAR's wheels
...and again
We have already been commissioned to restore another Range Rover (picture below) and loving these vehicles and with the relevent experience would welcome enquiries for more restorations of this type. Please contact Andy Mitchell on 01747 820223 to discuss any work you feel your vehicle requires.

Early stages of a Land-Rover Range Rover restoration

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