Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ferrari Superfast 500 being enjoyed by its owner

Really pleased to see a car we restored being enjoyed. 
The proud owner sent us the picture above.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

THE Fiat Strada advert - Handbuilt by robots.

Compulsory viewing for us now we are restoring a Fiat Strada 130TC. We just can't figure out how the robots missed so much rustproofing!

Fiat Strada 130 TC full body restoration

A personal favourite. Is rusty in unusual places and not in the expected!

A testament to our skill, is the careful way we have gone about "blasting" the rust of the car. The process took much longer than normal, but the lack of rippled panels that most people would have created is very satisfying.

Great to see a "hot hatch" from the '80's being restored to its former glory.

Fiat 600 full body restoration

Who could not love this cute little car? Along with the Fiat Strada 130TC we are currently restoring, it has surprisingly rusted everywhere except the places you would expect. Perfect battery tray for example.